The hiking race I tried with the Xplorer folks involved hiking up Koko Head from the stairs, down crater rim (one of my most looking forward part because I've never done it before), ran about 1 mile to Sandy's Beach, did intense kettle bell workout program, then we ran to the back side of arch trail, hiked up the trail (my favorite part because of the beautiful views), and finally back down Koko Head stairs. It was one of the hardest challenges I've ever done even with my routine crossfit training. It took me about 5 hours to complete the whole race and I was one of the slowest participants. The coaches and staff were very encouraging and helpful along the way. The weekend before the race, while I was scoping out the race hiking trail, I ran into Coach Dianne and Miki for the first time on the back side of the Arch. They were testing out the routes and tied ribbons to guide participants and ensure a safe hiking environment. I knew it was going to be a well guided race program with such responsible coaches. Each one of us were also notified of the details of the race ahead of time along with a waiver form to be filled out. Coach Dianne was patiently encouraging us since the beginning, Coach Megan was at the end to ensure that the slow group was speeding up and not getting lost. It was a very hot day and coaches were out in the sun with us for 5 hours together, though they could have finished the whole thing in 3 hours without a problem. None of them had any complaint and you could tell as long as this is what you want to achieve, they will make it happen and unforgettable for you. During the course, the coaches also faced several obstacles but they resolved them with the best of their abilities. One participant had serious leg cramps and another threw up while going up the back of the Arch. The staff were giving the former massage to loosen up her muscles and giving all the rest of their water to help the latter with his dehydration situation. When the water ran out, coach Yovo who guided the fast group to the destination hiked up the Koko Head stairs with more water and energy gel to meet up with the rest of the participants (all provided by the program for free). He also carried the one that was suffering from leg cramps down the Koko Head stairs to complete the race. This is a very supportive fitness group with passionate coaches and staff. If this is the kind of challenge you like to do, they are the people to do it with!

Wendy Chen, Hawai'i (2017)

For our challenge, we were able to do the Koko Head Rim and Sandy Beach Park. It was every bit as hard as my friends hyped it up to be. I would say I was one of the "slow" ones in the group and was always near the back, but the staff was every bit large enough to monitor us and keep the entire group safe and in a great mood. Well... actually, I can't give the staff full credit for the mood. The entire trip was swathed by the natural beauty of the landscape. The ambiance is a wonder and very few people get to experience Hawaii in this way. If you want to be challenged and obtain an experience you can't get anywhere else, perhaps this could be right for you.

Shawn McDorman, Hawai'i (2017)

Thank you to the Xplorer Staff and Yelp for hosting the July 2017 Yelp Fit Club. We did warm-ups, a beach obstacle course at Kailua Beach Park. Then, we walked up to Lanikai Pillboxes to do a hike and take pictures. Finally, we ended back up at Kailua Beach Park to do some final yoga stretches. Such a great group - gotta love the Xplorer Fitness staff! They are upbeat, positive and outgoing. Really made the event and working out fun! They also were very prepared as they provided water, Gatorade and mini protein bars for us (this saved me!). Can't wait for the next Fit Club! They also said that they have Bootcamps at 5:30pm on Monday's and Wednesday's. May need to check these out!

Lauren S., Hawai'i (2017)

I had an opportunity to participate in one of Xplorer Fitness Challenges workouts courtesy of yelp. The workout consisted of an obstacle course challenge, hike and yoga. The day started off with dynamic stretches on the beach. Then the group was separated into three teams. In these teams we competed in three relay races that consisted of muscular strength and endurance, agility and speed activities. When that portion of the workout was over, we walked on over to the Lanikai Pillbox hike. The group I was with hiked up to the first bunker and then hiked back down and walked back to the beach. Lastly, we had a yoga and cool down session. I thought the entire workout was well planned and executed. The staff of Xplorer Fitness were very well prepared and encouraging. I totally enjoyed my opportunity to experience one of their fitness challenges. Hope to try one of the Island Adventures.

Byron S., Hawai'i (2017)

Thanks Yelp i got to do this with Xplorer staff! Although, I am sunburnt and super exhausted... I enjoyed this very much! This was awesome! 4hours of intense workout! Didn't think I was going to enjoy this but I did. It was raining on the way to Kailua but it cleared up after. We all met at the tent then started a "warm up" which was actually a workout in itself. Phew! We split into 3 teams and did a relay. I was on team 3. There was 3 relays, they had set up 3 cones for each time... 1st relay - 5 push-ups, run to 2nd cone run back to 1st run to 3rd cone and back to 1st to tag teammate. (repeat 3 times) 2nd relay - 10 squats, run to 2nd cone and hop touch 3rd cone run back. (repeat 2 times) 3rd relay - 5 burpees, run to 2nd cone zigzagged to 3rd cone and backward zigzagged from 3rd cone to 2nd and ran to tag teammate from 2nd cone. (repeat 3 times) Gosh I hate burpeesss but they are good for you! We took a break after and then we walked to the trail, to hike up to lankai/pillbox... and we took lots of photos, slide down on my bum to get back down.... met back at beach and did some yoga to stretch. They provided water, gatorade and some protein snacks!

Lora C., Hawai'i (2017)

I did the Ka Iwi Coast Trail to Sandy Beach Challenge with Xplorer Fitness Hawaii and I had a great time! It was definitely challenging and the coaches definitely push your limits with the workout but at the same time it was fun getting to meet new people and explore the Koko Crater Trail and Arch. I love that hike! The views are amazing and makes you appreciate what a beautiful place we live in. We started off with going up the Koko Head stairs and then going down along the Koko Crater Rim to Sandy Beach for some cross fit exercises. My legs were burning but we weren't done yet as we had to make our way back up the Koko Crater Arch and then back down the Koko Head Trail. The coaches were all very encouraging and are with you to motivate you throughout the challenge. Definitely an awesome group of people to spend your morning working out with. I definitely recommend you trying one of their workouts if you're looking for a great workout and fun group of people to train with.

Michelle G., Hawai‘i (2017)

Coach Rachelle and Dianne are amazing! They always push the team beyond our limits and I can honestly say that I've gotten so much stronger since I started training with Xplorer Fitness. If you're looking for a bomb workout that will kick your butt every time, this is it!

Diana M., Hawai‘i (2017)

If you want to be pushed to your limits while exploring Hawaii's rugged and breathtaking landscape, you MUST join in the adventures of Xplorer Fitness. They will challenge your endurance in new and fun ways...while making sure you are well taken care of...I just LOVE this crew! Their energy and enthusiasm is completely contagious!!!!

J.C., Hawai‘i (2017)

The explorer fitness challenge is something you will not be disappointed with. It is an amazing workout and a good time while doing so. The best part is the completion feeling you have when the challenge is all said and done. You know you have pushed your body to the limit and can be proud of yourself for doing so. I loved it because It's not a gym setting but instead you get to have the view and terrain of the island of Oahu. If I could do this for a workout every day I would. In all honesty 5 stars is an understatement. I would recommend this for anyone who loves to be active.

C.B., Hawai‘i (2017)

As someone who is interested in getting back in shape, I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by the fitness level of the Xplorer Fitness team. After spending a day hiking and exploring the Koko Crater Trail/Arch with the team, myself along with my family felt empowered by their encouragement. Their enthusiasm and attentiveness to our safety kept all of us motivated and determined to finish the hiking adventure! Our experience with the Xplorer Fitness team has left a positive impression on myself and my family. Not only are they well-versed and passionate about fitness, culture, and the beautiful landscape of Oahu, but they also genuinely care about helping their clients achieve their fitness goals. If you are looking for an innovative way to EXERCISE and EXPLORE Oahu, XPLORER FITNESS IS FOR YOU!!!

J.P., Hawai‘i (2017)

I was truly inspired with the staff and the agenda of one of the challenges at Koko Crater. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone but I also wasn't the last one either. The cool thing is that the staff was very motivating. I'm not really one to promote participation trophies but they made the entire group feel good. I do 3.5 miles a day but this was not just running. There were boot camp aspects woven into the program. I felt this work-out for a couple of days. I here they have a program on the North Shore that includes some water portions. I want to do that next! All in all...this was no typical day at the beach! Highly recommend!

S.G., Hawai‘i (2017)

Awesome training!! Our day challenge had great guides that were attentive and extremely knowledegable. They also have weekly training options, as well as a rigorous looking 7-day all-inclusive Hawaii tour... looks like it would be great for travelers looking to explore the island and get a great challenge/workout in!

R.B., Hawai‘i (2017)

I took on the Xplorer Fitness Challenge at a couple of different venues and had an absolute blast. I exercise regularly (3-4/week) and try to be as adventures as possible and change my workout routines, hikes, sports all the time (hiking, xfit, gym, running, triathlons, races, soccer, sailing, kite surfing) but haven't had as much fun as the experiences with Xplorer in years. The coaches and staff are amazing, the organization excellent and the trainings carefully planned for a great experience- it combined adventure, awesome exercise and friendships / bond through shared fun experiences. Really enjoyed the combination between trail running, hiking, climbing, biking, paddling, swimming and xfit in a competition format- no better way to exercise in my opinion and I only met amazing fellow adventure junkies and friends through Xplorer: • Koko Head Trail and Ridge to Sandy's beach and Makapuu Light house and tide pools are some of my favorite spots in Hawaii and the experience with Xplorer was magnificent- hiking, xfit, running, climbing, great coaching, teammates and a load of fun • Friendship Gardens to Chinaman's Hat was the coolest version of a triathlon you could possible imagine- trail running, biking, paddling, hiking, climbing, xfit, and maximum adventure in one day • Lanikai Pill Boxes and beach are some of the most gorgeous places you will ever see and physical expertise makes you appreciate it even more—no other tour could even come close in experience • Weekly boot camps are great workouts also—great coaching, diverse exercises and great venue for a workout in paradise Highly recommend and can't wait for my next adventures with Xplorer—A+ experience. Mahalo and a hui hou!

Y.S., Hawai‘i (2017)

A couple of months ago I started working out with Xplorer at their magic island Wednesday workouts. Rachelle (coach) has done an amazing job contributing to my fitness level. The classes have also allowed me to meet some amazing people-friendly, fit, fun, and ultra supportive and encouraging. Makes me want to workout more. On May 20th, I tried one of their adventure races—up Kokohead, down crater crest/rim, over to Sandy's, kettle bell workout, then back up the arch trail, and finally back down Koko stairs. Woweee! What and adventure. I loved every second. Xplorer did a great job welcoming each participant—being sure to introduce us around. They warmed us up and guided us through the whole course ensuring everyone was safe and having a great time! The scenery was unreal—I've never done the crest or arch trail before so this course allowed me to see views from every angle. The workout was intense—not undoable for the fairly fit individual—those training camps really helped me out. The friendships made along the way—well that's really the best part—connecting with likeminded positive people. Overall, if you get a chance check them out. Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to trying out some more of their adventures.

Julie LN., Hawai‘i (2017)

I worked with Jennifer of Xplorer Fitness Challenge to create graphics for an upcoming Adventure Challenge that they are promoting. Jennifer was extremely polite and professional as were all the Xplore staff I spoke with. Really enjoyed working with them and wish the entire Xplorer Fitness Challenge team the best of luck as they continue to develop future events.

Jim M., Hawai‘i (2017)